A Wedding Photo Booth in Torquay for Matt and Ellen.

A Wedding Photo Booth in Torquay for Matt and Ellen.

I have included a small selection of images from yesterdays wedding Photo Booth at the Grand Hotel in Torquay on the blog. All the rest are on the  facebook “Red Chilli Photography” page. So head over and like the business page and see if you can find your images from their wedding photo booth. Don’t forget to tag yourself and please share on your profile. Download a copy if you want one from the facebook site. I hope you have a great time on your honeymoon and I can't wait to show you your wedding images. We had a brilliant time, your guest really enjoyed the day and photo booth as I'm typing I keep getting face book notifications that somebody else has liked or commented on them. In fact it was so busy at one point I could smell burning dust coming from the flash and everything took a while to cool down. It was a huge hit with everybody 🙂   So if you are planning your wedding or would like to hire the photo booth. Please get in contact.     party photo booth wedding photo booth
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  1. great pics, best quality photobooth have seen 🙂

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