Brett Harkness Photography Training

Brett Harkness Photography Training and the SWPP members days.

No matter which industry you work in or sector of photography, technology and techniques are constantly progressing. Every year I make sure I spend some time keeping up to date with the current photographic techniques by attending members training days. The society of wedding and portrait photographers offer 'members training events' all over the country with the top photographers in their field. This particular members day was with Brett Harkness Photography. Brett Harkness is widely regarded as one of the top wedding photographers in the UK.  His unique style of blending fashion and weddings, sees him covering weddings all over the world. So, when the opportunity arose to see how he works and to go through the different techniques he uses to achieve his signature style, I signed up straight away. It’s good to seek inspiration and training from photographers we admire. During the day we covered a lot of areas of photographic technique, from natural light, posing, equipment choices and making sure you’ve planned your lens choices. Brett will normally only get 20 minutes with his clients.  He showed us how to maximise this time and how he is able to control the situation, using it to his advantage. But the bit of the day I really wanted to see was how he creates his stunning signature shots.  He showed us how using different lighting techniques, working with small speed lights and a mixture of larger portable battery powered lights can produce amazing images. Ideas that I will definately be playing with over the next few weeks. In the afternoon he talked about his business model, the wedding industry from his view point, his mind set and how he plans the shoot at the weddings. We also got chance to look through examples of his wedding albums. There are two types of photographers, those that shoot to get paid and those that live for photography, who never stop learning and experimenting, my lasting impression of Brett is that he is the latter. The only problem with the member’s days, is that I come away wanting more equipment; either a new lens or in this case a set of Elinchrom quadra’s.  Looks like the flash centre is going to be getting a call Monday, once I’ve decided on which bits to get! I don’t think I’ll be the only one - you know who you are! If you’re thinking of either joining the SWPP (Society of wedding and portrait photographers) or going on one of Brett Harkness’s training courses, I strongly recommend that you do so. As a full time photographer the society is a fantastic professional resource. If you’re looking to keep up to date with your photography and differentiate yourself from the crowd, then I suggest you head over the Brett Harkness Photography website and sign up for one of his courses. Rarely will you find someone as down to earth and as helpful as Brett. He splits his business between, Fashion, Wedding, Commercial and training.  
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  1. Excellent review and it sounds like you had a fantastic time. I’ll definitely be looking to get onto his next workshop!

  2. Great review and the images speak for themselves. I would have jumped on this if it had been closer to London.

  3. Glad you had a good time and learnt lots. Great images. Might go to one of his next year. 🙂

  4. I thought you people had great time as photographs speaks more. Great pair and images.

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