Food Photographer in Devon

Food Photographer in Devon

A local delicatessen based in Torquay had been searching for a commercial food photographer to help support the launch of their new website and advertising campaign. We initially spoke about the brief on the phone and they wanted to emphasise the wholesome home cooked style of food. But they didn’t want to use stock images, so we discussed shooting it like was for a recipe book, so the customers could see the food been created in stages. It gives a more personal approach to the food so the customers know that the food has been created in store and is of the highest quality ingredients. I know that the images will be used for the website, advertising flyers and in the local newspaper. I also know the owner has been nominated for business woman of the year. When shooting commercial photography projects it’s very important to go through the details of what the images are to be used for and to get the creative ideas bouncing between the photographer and the client. So when the brief is complete we both know what we are doing. We looked through recipe books, so I could get an idea of the style of food photography the client did like and more importantly the style of images they didn’t like. So the following week we had the date set for the shoot and the food was prepared. So below is a small sample of the images supplied. I particularly like the scotch eggs being prepared. When placed together in a montage it works so well. food photographerfood photographerfood photographerfood photographer

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