Beginners Photography Course

Beginners Photography Course in Devon. - One Day Course

This beginners photography course  is for people new to photography who have just bought a digital SLR or are looking to buy their first digital SLR. The course is suitable for those with no prior knowledge of photography through to beginners wanting to improve their skills. All you need is an interest in photography and a desire to develop your skills in digital photography from basic function to creative use. James Bassitt, your tutor for the day, is a professional photographer with lots of experience and enthusiasm to share with you. His  calm and confident approach with cameras will help you focus your skills to get the most out of you and your camera. The course is largely  practical in nature with lots of hands on experience and opportunities for 1-1 tuition. The structure for the day is as follows:
  • MORNING session: Familiarisation with digital SLR cameras. We will look at all the functions and operations you can achieve with your camera so that you can use it to its full capacity.
  • AFTERNOON session: Putting it all into action. By the end of the afternoon, you will be taking great pictures and will now be in control of your camera and the pictures you make.
The course will help you to go more in depth with your camera use, and teach you everything you need to know about the capabilities of your camera. You will leave feeling more confident with your camera and able to capture great future pictures. The course will be an opportunity to meet others who share your enthusiasm for photography and to develop your ability to create and share digital images you are proud of. The course will aim to develop your technical, visual and creative skills. Please bring your own digital camera with you but if you haven't got one yet,  I have equipment I can lend you for the course (make sure you bring a memory card or USB memory stick to take home your images with you).

beginners photography course

What will we cover on the course: Understanding how a Digital SLR camera works,
  • Your cameras Modes:
  • Aperture priority
  • Shutter priority
  • Manual mode
  • What is ISO
  • Lens choice
  • metering
  • focus points
the different types of files your camera creates, their advantages and disadvantages. Equipment choices, depending on the type of photography you wish to pursue. Do you own a digital SLR, but aren’t really sure what all the buttons and modes are for? Maybe you’ve been using one for years but just don’t quite feel that you’re getting the results you want? photography workshop During the session you will work in detail on aperture and shutter speed and how these affect your images, the functions your Digital SLR including metering, camera modes and focus points, learning how to avoid common mistakes. You will leave feeling confident in taking your camera off auto, and using the manual settings, giving you complete control over your creativity. There is a lot of information to cover and course notes are provided.

Course itinerary

  • 10:00 meet up ( at the location for the day )
  • 10:15 go over equipment
  • 10:30 go through slides explaining camera functionality
  • 12:30 questions
  • 13:00 Lunch (not provided)
  • 14:00 Practical session
  •                 This is the point where you will be able to put into practice the information covered in the mornings slides. Don't worry I'll be with you every step of the way.
  • 16:45 recap, questions and answers session. what do next
  • 17:30 course ends
To book the beginners photography course as either a group (3 max) or as a one to one training,  please call or use the paypal function below:  
For further information on any course please contact Red Chilli Photography on 07808270215